My art practice is based on the following thesis: Much of society lives immersed in a machine that does not stop, does not rest. We are part of a massive routine with unbreakable schedules and tasks that can be accomplished by a machine. People are afraid to change the rhythm in their system; therefore lives gradually circulate around the same point.


The ailing thing is that as human beings we are losing empathy in front of our peers. We are heading to become the machine that we fear so much will replace us. Social networks have connected us more, it is true, but in a virtual way. We spend more time in front of a screen than a person. Our lives are increasingly becoming automated and it has become very difficult to differentiate us from ourselves. We are incapable of facing our own diversity, our own complexity.


However, with the current situation and the Pandemic that came with so much authority into our lives, somehow this “machine” has slowed down, and in some way or another, it has stopped. For some, it is the perfect pause, while for others it is a situation of disaster and uncertainty, a total chaos. For me, chaos is the best friend of creativity.


Chaos positions us in front of new patterns, aspects that will enhance our senses and direct us to new solutions. In short, we are experiencing something completely new. We are witnesses of the new creations that this situation offers us; therefore we are factors of change and new learning.


It has always been thought that creativity is the weapon that robotization will not conquer, but how much of this is true? With my research I try to answer, or at least get closer to the question, creating systems that address this particular characteristic of our world. Precisely speaking: the concept of automatization.


Thus, there is an intention to find a language between sound and image through a conceptual structure derived from our detailed social context, that from different types of experiments, systems and mechanisms, will generate an automatic image and sound.