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“Realities that are highly visible to everyone’s eyes can be partially covered depending on the angle from which you want to hide a reality, not without it completely extinguishing”. Covering the sun with the finger is a plastic-sound project that explores the concept of automation.

We are faced with a paradox that characterizes our neo-modernity. Driven by automation, we have developed a technological world that predicted great benefits, when in reality it has inadvertently facilitated the means of spread for a pandemic, putting our society at risk and separating us from each other.

Interpreting this paradox, and carried out in quarantine, the machine “P1P m0821" consists of a system of 2 mechanisms. One is in charge of raining the paint and the other in handling it. The drops fall as a result of the vibration with the structure generating a particular sound. The roller is responsible for spreading the paint and intervening the gesture of the upper mechanism. One part speaks and the other tries to silence it. An action interpreted by many in terms of problem solving, which in political, economic and social matters, ends up being an x-ray of our society.

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